Monday, June 16, 2014

Maryland 1637

John Jones, 1637,  was the first to be listed in the land patent records, Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD.  According to Gust Skordas this is recorded in Book 1, page 19, and is recorded in "Maryland Jones Arrivals", p. 1287, Jones Journeys, Vol. 14.  This is from "The Early Settlers of Maryland (1633 - 1680") compiled by Gust Skordas.  Whew...all that is to say you can get lost in the documents, but it extremely important to record where the records are available.  This documentation is a foundation to genealogy for the serious tree climber.

Above is shown the state quarter for Maryland.  It shows the year that the colony became a state.  The dates I am recording represent the chronology based upon the earliest settlement records that record a JONES surname.