Thursday, July 31, 2014

South Carolina 1675

The 10th of March 1675 was the first treaty made by those in South Carolina.  The Kiawan tribe made "land cession" of course.  However, it was not until those Welsh Baptist arrived from Delaware that the first with the JONES surname appears.

According to David Benedict the church was first called Pedee after the great Pedee River, 60 miles north of Georgetown.  When other arrived, its name was changed to "Welsh-Neck" which described from were most of the folks who founded the church originated.  In 1737, 30 members of the Welsh-Tract Church which first had been in Pennsylvania, then in Delaware, arrived to establish the church in South Carolina.

David Jones, Griffith Jones, and John Jones moved this year [1737] from "Welch Tract" in Delaware to "Pee Dee River" in South Carolina.  They must have been related, but I do not have any given relationship.  Pennsylvania, Delaware, to South those Baptist got around or were thrown out of most places.

The Palmetto State it is known. [A small palm tree.]

The references for this are found in An Abridgement of The Baptist Denomination in America, and Other Parts of The World, by David Benedict, Lincoln & Edmands, 1820. [Have a copy in my hands!]

The Jones folks can be found in Jones Journeys, Vol. VII, p. 201, July 1979.  Does anyone know the relationship among these folks?  Please post.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Jersey 1664

The New Jersey marriage records 1665 - 1800 are abstracted for the surname JONES in Jones Journeys, Vol. IV, 1976 using a number of documents.  The earliest Jones is found April 12, 1687 and listed as "Thomas Jones, Salem, and Hannah Prior, Salem".  In other references "The First Settlers of New England" [Jones Journeys, Vol. VI , 1978 ] a "David Jones, Dorchester, freeman 1665, married 11 May 1659, Sarah, daughter of Clement Topliff".  This again points to the difficulty among the many records which might overlap arrival times and destinations.

New Jersey is listed as "Crossroads of The Revolution".  Certainly, those with the JONES surname arrived many years before.

Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Volume XXII.  Marriage Records, 1665 - 1800 by William Nelson, Paterson, N.J.  The Press Printing and Publishing Co., 269 Main Street, 1900.  Contributed to Jones Journeys by William A. Graves, pp. 16 - 20, Vol. IV, 1976.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rhode Island 1661

It certainly gets confusing sorting out all these folks with JONES surname.  The chronology (ch.) of the last several posts is based upon the named colony's ability to begin official treaty negotiations with their local ethic groups.  For example, Virginia's first treaty was autumn 1607 with the Powhatan Confederacy. [a "peace treaty]  The first JONES was 1609.  For Massachusetts (Plymouth) it was April 2, 1621 with the Wampanoag tribe. ["land cession"]  The first JONES was 1631.  For Maryland it was March 1634 with the Maryland Indians. ["land cession"]  The first JONES was 1637.

Now for Rhode Island it was August 9, 1646, also with the Wampanoag tribe. ["land cession"]  It is noted in Jones Journeys that a large majority of Rhode Island people were former residents of Massachusetts. [Vol. 18, p. 1884 ] So, there may be those with the JONES surname that overlap with what was to become separate British colonies.

"The Ocean State" it says on its state quarter shown above.  The earliest JONES I could identify was found in Jones Journeys.  The names are said to be recorded on p. 331, Vol. II, in the reference titled: Genealogies of Rhode Island Families, selected by Gary Roberts, Vol.I & II.  It reads:

"p.331 - Salisbury, 14 Oct. 1661 - Mary Jones, dau. Thomas Jones of Gloucester, MA, married Nathaniel Winsley/Winslow."

A father daughter combination it is.  Does anyone have any connections to this Thomas Jones and Mary his daughter in 1661?

A list other JONES are given in Jones Journeys, pp. 1883 - 1884,  Vol. 18, 1990 - 1991.