Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Montana 1889

From the Spanish meaning "mountain", this Dakota Territory became the 40th State of the Union.
Yellowstone River passes through the area, and in its very beginning was considered part of Louisiana, Missouri, and Nebraska Territories.

There does not appear to be many that carried the surname JONES in this early period.  Montana's "Nez Perce" Jones gets most of the attention.  His name was John Henry Jones and is reported to have been born in Jasper County, MO. around 1844.  He arrived to Montana around 1860 with his eyes on prospecting.  As the story is told by W.W. Moses in the Kalispell Times, Feb. 20, 1930, his experience with the Indian tribes of the area lead them to believe he was "very bad medicine" and left him strictly alone.  His name was given by the Nez Perce Indians and the story of his life is given in Jones Journeys, Vol.10,  pp.568-571.  He is reported to have lived to the age of 82.

Well how about that...any know the story?