Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Maine 1820

From the New England Company, to the Plymouth Company, to the state of Maine, folks were settling the area around 1663.  From "Old Kittery & Her Families" of Maine; published 1903 by Stackpole is recorded:

"Alexander Jones, probably son of the Alexander Jones who was a servant of  Capt. John Mason, was living in Kittery in 1663 and owned land on west side of Spruce Creek in 1676.  He died before 1720.  It may have been he who married Sarah, daughter of John Pearce.  He had a son Daniel and probably Cornelius who was living at Spruce Creek in 1687."

Wow...some 157 years before Maine became a State of the Union, there were JONES among the branches.  Not sure of all the history that surrounds this area of the country.  Are there any JONES from Maine who might be able to tell their story?

                              [Source: Jones Journeys, Vol. 13, 1985 - 1986, p. 1026.]