Sunday, March 30, 2014


After the suggestion of Matthew Flinders, the fifth continent to be discovered was named Australia.  The eastern coast came to be named New South Wales, and must of had some folks from Wales during this part history.  I have been unable to identify the first with the surname JONES, and ask if there is anyone out there in genealogy land who might know, please network.  I would guess that there are a few folks with the surname JONES residing down under.

This theme is one of geography, Australia...(g.)...anyone there?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Came From Canada 1623

On this side of the great pond, several distinct geographic areas developed along the way.  For Canada and the JONES surname, it seems to involve a Welsh settlement of Sir William Vaughan around the year 1619.  It was called "Camriol" and was south of present day St. John's and on the east side of Avalon Peninsula.  A way to get rich wrote one family member.

It was from here, that a Rice Jones arrived Virginia in 1623 by the ship John & Francis.  He is described as "Rice Jones, Planter of Warwick River" by 2 December 1628.  He is listed as "came from Canada".  As far as I can determine, this is the first JONES who was involved with the settlement of Canada.  All those folks north of the border...any JONES in the family trees?  This geographic area has its own distinct history.  Networking anyone?

[see Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623 - 1666, by Nugent, p. 10.]

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The United States are the forth geographic area to have lots of folks with the surname JONES.  Each state varies as to the absolute numbers and distribution of this surname among the population.  On a national level, some of the earliest data is the 1790 census.

In 1909, there was a booklet published by the U.S. Government that listed all the surnames and their variations which were represented by at least 100 white persons in the U.S. in 1790.  There were approximately 5700 surnames plus variations of the spellings.  The average size of each family, the total number of heads of families, the total number of all other members, and a breakdown of the number of families per state was given.

For the JONES surname, the total number of "Heads of Family" was 2,561.  The average family size for these JONES families were 5.6.  All other members were found to be 11,739.

North Carolina and Virginia headed the list with 558 and 345 respectively for the states given.  Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Maryland had similar numbers at 289, 287, and 239.  A third group of states;  New York, South Carolina, and Connecticut followed at 210, 190, and 173.  New Hampshire and Maine were at 104 and 87.   Vermont and Rhode Island brought of the rear at 59 and 20.

So, to North Carolina and Virginia you would come to find your JONES surname at this point in history. 

The data were first analyzed at "U.S. Census of 1790 and The Jones Surname", Monday, Sept. 12, 2011, @ my blog  Anyone wish to join me in this topic please comment below.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Across The Great Pond

The initial colonization of the New World involved folks from Wales, Ireland, and England, all with the surname JONES.  Coming across the great pond took much effort and drive, which in some cases even cost the very life of that individual. 

The colonization period is coded with the theme chronology (ch.), and deals with those who carried the JONES surname.  On the most part, it geographically deals with the American continent and the surrounding islands for the dates 1580 - 1650. 

For the JONES surname the following has been written:

     First JONES to the New World...Friday, July 29, 2011

    The First Jones to Virginia...Friday, August 5, 2011

     Jones in Virginia 1623 - 1666...Sat., February 2, 2013

which can be found at

It is often this chronological period that gives a great deal of difficulty to the genealogist trying to swim across the great pond.  Those who share an interest in this time period, please identify yourself in the comment section below.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


The third country to have a major role in the origin and history of the JONES surname is England.  It is the transliteration of the Welsh to the English during the transition period produced by the Act of Union 1536 that seems to be the main factor.  [Certainly other factors also involved.] 

My own posts that give some background to this topic are:

    1)  Early English Records and the Jones Surname, March 21, 2011

    2)  Ancient Petitions A Transition Period, April 18, 2011

    3)  The First JONES Surname in English Records, March 21, 2011

    4)  Jones Surname 1273 - 1500 in England and Wales, May 17, 2011

    5)  Jones Surname in England and Wales 1500 - 1700, June 2, 2011

All posts can be found at  .  Other subjects and themes can be found here also.

England and the surname JONES, one of the three countries that are key to the geography (g.).  Those who have an interest in this theme, please post in the comment section.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The next geographic area to be coded is Ireland.  The original Celtic tribal groups exchanged their cultures and languages across the Irish Sea for many generations.  It was not until Hadrian IV (1154-1159 AD), the first and only English Pope, gave the "o.k." for Henry II to take control of Ireland, that a large number Welsh  Calvary and archers arrived to put their foot in the door.  It is from this Welsh influence that many with the surname JONES have their origins.  It was around Dublin that this (and later) invaders had their most significant influences.  Anyone who has an interest, and shares a JONES surname, please identify your self in the comment section of this post.

My blog posts that have discussed this geographic area are:

      Jones Surname to Ireland =  Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011

      Jones Surname to Ireland (part II) = Wednesday, Nov.2, 2011

      Irish Counties and The Jones Surname = Wed. Jan. 16, 2013

Ireland, it is a key area to network for the JONES surname.  Who's out there?

Monday, March 17, 2014


It would only seem proper to begin this networking thing with the subject of Wales.  The JONES surname has its origin and roots in this geographic (g.) area of the world.  Wales is roughly 150 miles north to south, and around 90 miles east to west.  It is surrounded by water on three sides, and by two rivers on the eastern border. [The Dee out of the north, and the Severn out of the south.]  There is a narrow land bridge between the two rivers, which forms a funnel into this mountainous part of western Albion.  It is this land bridge which locates the beginning of my own JONES family tree.

Over the years, I have come to organize its chronology (ch.) in roughly  200 year periods.  It goes as follows:
                 400-600 AD = the Land [Annales Cambriae begins the history 447AD]
                         This is the period after Roman withdrawal with the folks left to claim and organize the
                          land.  The battle of Badon hill ca. 516 - 517 AD.

                  600-800 AD = the Language [identity of culture based upon a shared language]
                          This is the period of Welsh language.
                  800-1000 AD = the Laws [social organization and agreed behaviors codified ]
                           This is the period of Welsh laws.  Hywel Dda, The Law.

                  1000 - 1200 AD = the Living [struggle among the clans and Norman invasion]
                           This is the period of internal struggle and external attack.

                  1200 - 1400 AD = their Liberty [struggle with the Marches and independence ]
                            This is the period of independence and rebellion. Owen Glyndwr's rebellion 
                             overlapped 1400 - 1411 AD.

                  1400 - 1600 AD = their Livelihood  [economic survival and trade]
                             This is the period of economic expansion and new developments.

Certainly an over simplification, but helps my brain organize the chronology. [My little "Ls".]
Any other folks out there who have suggestions or comments, please post.  My blog on Welsh genealogy can be found at .  Those who have a special interest in Wales and its history please identify yourself in the comment section below.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Coat of Arms (a.)

There is much discussion and much confusion surrounding a family "coat of arms".  Many countries of the world have their own history and traditions about the coat of arms.   This theme is the "coat of arms" (a.) for the surname JONES.  It will be coded (a.), and will refer to any discussion that has to do with this topic.

For my own family tree climbing, a certain coat of arms was used by many generations.  This symbol became a helpful way to trace back my own ancestors.   My own research into the coat of arms used by various folks who carried the surname JONES became a fascinating trip through history, and a method to get around a number of brick walls.  Anyone who has an interest in this topic is invited to join the discussion, and to become part of the network for Jones Genealogy.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Resources (r.)

The next theme deals with a wide range of items.  Resources I call it, but conceptually contains those things that have proven helpful in your tree climbing experience.  It may be a book, a library, an archives, a museum, a court house, or even another individual.   The post will be coded (r.).

For example, the main library at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa was a store house of references that made a lot of my tree climbing much easier.  It contains a complete set of the Domesday Book (English translation of course), an index of English records, complete sets of various genealogical references, and...on and on it goes.  There was also a rare book room with all sorts of texts that were helpful to the genealogist.   Many hours were spent among the stacks when my tree climbing had taken me to the shores of that big island call England.  Of course you physically have to go there, but in today's world this is not often considered.  Anyway, this library is a wonder resource for those who need help establishing certain connections and willing to make the trip.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Individual Researchers (i.)

By now you have to be thinking...what is all this stuff.  Well...again, the purpose of this blog [and multiple posts] is to try and provide a platform on which those who share an interest in the JONES surname can network.

This post list the next theme....individual researchers.  It is coded (i.).   This theme will seek to connect those who wish to list or identify themselves as researchers (genealogist) on a particular topic or family group.  There are many, many, many, JONES families that are not genetically related.  Thus, many family groups may be aided by folks who have researched a particular JONES family line.  This could be from around the globe, with the JONES surname being found in most English speaking parts of the world.

For example, my name is "The Jones Genealogist".  I have an interest in just about everything pertaining to the surname JONES.  Doing genealogy for 54 years, I have a lot of bumps and bruises from climbing around those JONES family trees.  I want to be identified as an "individual researcher" who can be contacted for help for a variety of themes. [all those listed in this blog]  I would list my interest in the comment section of the post, and hope that others will identify themselves along the way.  If a person identifies themselves, the post will be coded (i.), so the reader may search to blog for those who wish to help.  So here goes...any individual researchers out there?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Key Variables (k.)

Family tree climbing will often present with a variety of factors that change the course of the family tree.  These factors are usually beyond the control of the individuals involved, but may be the reasons for the actions or reactions of the ancestors.  Recognizing or understanding these forces can make a difference in getting around many brick walls.   For example, the English Civil War played a major role in separating family groups into two main camps.  My JONES ancestors were clearly on one side, which helped me separate many of the family groups which presented themselves to my own tree climbing experience.  This I called a "key variable" in my JONES family, since it made my family searches a little easier.

This theme is titled "Key Variable(s) (k.)".  It may represent any factor/force that influence the family tree.  It is coded (k.).  There may be researchers that have a particular interest in one of these factors (variables) and is willing to share their knowledge.  Come, let us research together.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DNA (d.)

The blueprint for our human existence is contained in this thing abbreviated DNA.   Deoxyribonucleic acid it is formally called.  It is that double helix, genetic coding, replicating, series of codons that give our cells instruction.  Half of our DNA is from mom, and half is from dad.  For the male, it is the same DNA that every former generation of males in the family tree have passed down to the next generation.

For the genealogist, this DNA can be an answer to some of the questions that give us problems in surname analysis.  It certainly has produced a lot of opportunities to clarify descent, such as haplogroups, and haplotypes.  [analysis which tags certain ethic groups ]

This theme will be coded (d.).  A great deal of groups which follow the Jones surname DNA exist.  In some cases, individual Jones families may share the same DNA.  However, on the whole, there is not a single DNA pattern that fits all family groups.  This theme will give those a way to network their interest in the JONES surname DNA.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chronology (ch.)

One's family history is full of events.  Birth begins, and death ends these earthly events.  The genealogist seeks to organize and record these events for their own family.  It is a family chronology.   This theme deals with the measuring of time by regular divisions and that assigns these events to their proper dates.  A careful chronology is especially helpful in separating certain family groups when they cluster together along the tree branches.   Regular divisions by month, year, or even century [if you get back that far] is part of organizing the family story as it progressed through the pages of history.

The word chronology is coded (ch.).  Family time lines and events can be place in records that give a "big picture" of the family tree.  This theme will contain subjects like dates, events, documents and their organization into helpful forms that will aid the research into difficult surnames like JONES.  Anyone who has experience in forming a family chronology can place their own ideas in the comment section at the end of the posts coded (ch.).

Monday, March 10, 2014

Geography (g.)

Since the dawn of man, the earth's surface has help define who we are, and from where we came.  The study that deals with the earth and its life, especially the description of land, sea, air, and the distribution of plant and animal life upon this surface is called geography.  For the genealogist, our ancestors lived, loved, and labored in specific areas around the globe.  The geographic features of these areas were often included in surveys, land grants, patents, maps, and all kinds of historical records that become important in this thing called genealogy.   An understanding our ancestor's geography can be the solution to many of the brick walls that we face.  Therefore, the first "theme" of the network will be geography.  It will be the context in which our families' survived.  It may be a county, or country, or nation, or any other location that helps identify the lineage of our family trees.  Future post that contain this theme will be coded (g.) in the labels given.  Then, as the number of topics and subjects expand, the reader can search for the theme "geography" by placing (g.) in the search line shown on the post page.  Let's give an example:

     For those who carry the surname JONES, the genealogy will at some point lead to Wales.  Those who have a interest in Welsh genealogy, Wales, and topics dealing with researching the JONES surname in Wales can find this topic under "Wales", and the post will be coded (g.).  If "Ireland", the post will be under "Ireland", and also coded (g.).  If "Australia", likewise, where the reader can just place "(g.)" in the search box and find all the post that have something to do with the theme "geography".  A network will be started...:-).

You can then place any comments that give your interest in this topic.  You may give additional information or reference which have been of help to you along your own tree climbing adventure.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Purpose

An account of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor, is the goal of genealogy.  This activity is not always easy, especially with those who have a very common and widespread surname like JONES.  An individual who traces or studies this descent of persons or families is called a genealogist.  Every family seems to have one, i.e., the one who asks all the questions and tries to write everything down.  Sometimes it helps to have a little assistance by finding others who share this terminal virus.  So here goes.

It is the purpose of this blog to help those researching the JONES surname.  The goal is to organize a network of individuals who share the excitement of this endeavor.  It will be based upon a series of "themes" that have helped me during the past 50+ years piece together my own JONES family.  Others who share interest in a particular topic or theme can then join the network on this subject.  Each post will be coded by theme(s), and will allow input by others utilizing the "comment" section of each post.  Then, the search bar can be used to find the post(s) pertaining to each theme.

The themes will be coded and titled as follows:

(g.) = geography
(ch.) = chronology
(d.) = DNA
(k.) = key variable(s)
(i.) = individual researcher(s)
(r.) = resources
(a.) = coat of arms

Each theme will be expanded as the posts are written.  Anyone who shares interest in the theme can respond in the comment section at the end of each post. [You may need to sign into to get access to the comment section, but it does not cost to do this.]

So lets get build the network for Jones genealogy.  There may be other themes that you may add to the network.