Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oklahoma 1907

From the 1840's the Jones surname as appeared in what was to become the state of Oklahoma in 1907.  An inquiry from Jones Journeys, Vol. VI, No.2, p. 59 seeks genealogical information about a Robert M. Jones.  He is described as a prominent Choctaw who served his tribe faithfully and acted as intermediator with the Texas Republic in the 1840's.  No other information is recorded.

Starting 1890, the Choctaw Nation recorded marriages in Indian Territory.  Abstracted for the Jones surname recorded in Jones Journeys, Vol. 15, pp. 1392-1394.  The earliest for the Jones surname appears to be 30 July 1890 when Marin Jones (22) marries Arver B. Cochran (16).  Any Jones families out there related?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Utah 1896

East coast to West coast came together here in 1896.  A Thomas Jones seems to have arrived before 1890, Salt Lake City, where his 9th child was born 17 May, 1890.  He is recorded as being the son of Thomas and Mary Jones of Cardiff, Wales where his prior 8 children were born starting 1876.  He died 11 October 1909 Salt Lake City, and is buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  Ten children total were born.  There must be a lot of descendants beginning here.  Any folks connected?

Taken from: Jones Journeys, Vol. 8, 1980, p. 309.