Sunday, April 26, 2015

Alabama 1819

One of the first settlements in what was to become the State of Alabama (1819) was around the area now called Birmingham.  Before these settlers arrived, Cherokee, Choctaw, and Creek Indians used this area as a common hunting ground.  An important trade path coursed through the valley, and a Creek trading center named "Mad Town" was a few miles southeast on the Cahaba River.  It was around 1813 that a John Jones arrived and began a crude fort called "Jonesborough".  This area became known as "Jones Valley" up to the Civil War period.  The Jones surname arrived very early in the history of this state.  Wow, those Jones sure seem to get around.

This information is taken from: Jones Journeys, Vol. VI, 1978, p. 17-18.  It records that the account comes from: Alabama - A Guide to the Deep South - WPA Writer's Program; Richard R. Smith, publisher, NY (1941).  Any folks connected out there?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Illinois 1818

The northwest territories seemed to be a good place to get a new start for those with the surname JONES.  Early on did this surname arrive.  For Illinois it is a Thomas Jones who is thought to arrive around 1815.

He is reported to have first moved to Kentucky from SC.  He initially owned land in Christian Co., KY, but moved to Crawford Co.,  "ILL TERR" in 1815.  He died between 31 Oct. and 7 Dec. 1829 in Edgar Co., ILL.  His wife was named Elizabeth, and their first child (Mary) was born in SC 1794.  This Mary is reported to have married in Crawford Co., IL in 1816.

The reference is : Jones Journeys, Vol. 5, 1977, p. 107.  Any folks related out there?