Friday, March 31, 2017

Arizona 1912

The Grand Canyon State entered the Union in 1912.  Albert L. Jones was born 29 November, 1896, in "Blue" Arizona.  This was some 16 years before this statehood even.  The account found in Jones Journeys, Vol. I. , p.54 gives that his father James Henry Jones, Sr. was born 26 November 1854 in "Birdville", Texas.  It goes on to report that his father [Albert's grandfather] Lewis Westmoreland Jones, Jr., was born 1 June 1817 Christian Co., Kentucky.  On down the tree, it gives his father [Albert's greatgrandfather] Lewis Westmoreland Jones, Sr., was born 14 April 1784 in Virginia.
Let's see now, starting Virginia Kentucky Texas 1854...and to Arizona 1896.  A noted migration from East to West it is over some 112 years.  Bet there are some interesting family stories here.

Friday, March 10, 2017

New Mexico 1912

It would appear that after the 1880s, the folks with the JONES surname had pretty much settled down across these United States.  From the standpoint of those genealogist researching this surname from 1973 - 1992 [as recorded in Jones Journeys], there were not any involved from New Mexico.  Any folks out there who might have a JONES family to settle this area near or prior to 1912?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oklahoma 1907

From the 1840's the Jones surname as appeared in what was to become the state of Oklahoma in 1907.  An inquiry from Jones Journeys, Vol. VI, No.2, p. 59 seeks genealogical information about a Robert M. Jones.  He is described as a prominent Choctaw who served his tribe faithfully and acted as intermediator with the Texas Republic in the 1840's.  No other information is recorded.

Starting 1890, the Choctaw Nation recorded marriages in Indian Territory.  Abstracted for the Jones surname recorded in Jones Journeys, Vol. 15, pp. 1392-1394.  The earliest for the Jones surname appears to be 30 July 1890 when Marin Jones (22) marries Arver B. Cochran (16).  Any Jones families out there related?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Utah 1896

East coast to West coast came together here in 1896.  A Thomas Jones seems to have arrived before 1890, Salt Lake City, where his 9th child was born 17 May, 1890.  He is recorded as being the son of Thomas and Mary Jones of Cardiff, Wales where his prior 8 children were born starting 1876.  He died 11 October 1909 Salt Lake City, and is buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  Ten children total were born.  There must be a lot of descendants beginning here.  Any folks connected?

Taken from: Jones Journeys, Vol. 8, 1980, p. 309.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Wyoming 1890

 Among those other States joining the Union between 1889-1890 [North and South Dakota, Montana, Washington, and Idaho] Wyoming is the only one during this period not to have recorded one family with the JONES surname.  That is at least from the Jones Journeys reference that has been the source for all previous post.  It is unclear why this should be the case, but anyone with thoughts out there please commit.  Does anyone have a JONES family from Wyoming?

Friday, December 9, 2016

Idaho 1890

Very little seems to be recorded involving the JONES surname early in the history of Idaho.  In Jones Journeys, there appears to be only one family found relating to this state which was formed 1890.  A Stephen Jones who was born 16 January 1812 in Hickman, Tennessee.  It is stated that he and his second wife [Isabelle Jane Jones] came to Idaho from Arkansas and homesteaded north of Weiser on Manna Creek.  He died Weiser, Washington Co., Idaho 4 April 1895.  This Stephen and his 1st wife Jane are reported to have 11 children, and with his second wife Isabell, he had 9 children.  Can you imagine 20 children!  Wonder if this is where the "Idaho Potato" had its roots?

From: Jones Journeys, Vol. 14, 1986 - 1987, p. 1298.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

South Dakota 1889

Formed a new state the same year as North Dakota, the expansion of the country  continued.  The Homestead Act of 1862 provided incentive for the the grants of land to railway companies, and laws providing for the quick sale of timber and mineral lands lead to rapid settlement.  Farmers, miners, prospectors, cattlemen and lumbermen, with or without families poured into the Western territories.

For the JONES surname, Thomas J. Jones of South Dakota was one of the early folks.  It is given that in 1850 he was born in Wales, but brought to the States by his parents when only two years of age.  He grew up in Wisconsin.  He married Mary Ellen Morris in 1879 and moved to Aurora County, S.D.  Farming became his occupation.  No date of death is recorded.  Any folks out there related?

Taken from: Jones Journeys, Vol. VII, p. 220.  It is stated that this information is from: Compendium of Local Biography - Central South Dakota.