Friday, March 31, 2017

Arizona 1912

The Grand Canyon State entered the Union in 1912.  Albert L. Jones was born 29 November, 1896, in "Blue" Arizona.  This was some 16 years before this statehood even.  The account found in Jones Journeys, Vol. I. , p.54 gives that his father James Henry Jones, Sr. was born 26 November 1854 in "Birdville", Texas.  It goes on to report that his father [Albert's grandfather] Lewis Westmoreland Jones, Jr., was born 1 June 1817 Christian Co., Kentucky.  On down the tree, it gives his father [Albert's greatgrandfather] Lewis Westmoreland Jones, Sr., was born 14 April 1784 in Virginia.
Let's see now, starting Virginia Kentucky Texas 1854...and to Arizona 1896.  A noted migration from East to West it is over some 112 years.  Bet there are some interesting family stories here.

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