Thursday, May 1, 2014

Virginia 1609

The JONES surname and Virginia go way back.  The records show that in May 1609, the "Third Supply" with nine ships and around 500 men, women, and children left London. [ Six ships were from London, and three from Plymouth.]  A hurricane struck on the way, plague was found aboard some ships, and one ship was lost along the way.  It was August 1609 that 7 of the 9 ships arrived Jamestown.  An Elizabeth Jones [sometimes spelled Joones ] arrived in the Patience "sick, hungry, and travel worm".  She was described as "servant of Thomas Dunthorne".  She becomes known as "an ancient planter", and has a long history of survival among the early years of settlement.

The above shows the reverse side of the state quarter for Virginia.  I thought it might be of interest to show what each state was most proud.  Jamestown 1607 - 2007 declares 400 years of history.  Elizabeth Jones has 398 of them!

Anyone connected out there, or share an interest in this time period?  Please post.  Virginia...the first colony to begin the settlement along the coastal waters.

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