Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Jersey 1664

The New Jersey marriage records 1665 - 1800 are abstracted for the surname JONES in Jones Journeys, Vol. IV, 1976 using a number of documents.  The earliest Jones is found April 12, 1687 and listed as "Thomas Jones, Salem, and Hannah Prior, Salem".  In other references "The First Settlers of New England" [Jones Journeys, Vol. VI , 1978 ] a "David Jones, Dorchester, freeman 1665, married 11 May 1659, Sarah, daughter of Clement Topliff".  This again points to the difficulty among the many records which might overlap arrival times and destinations.

New Jersey is listed as "Crossroads of The Revolution".  Certainly, those with the JONES surname arrived many years before.

Documents relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Volume XXII.  Marriage Records, 1665 - 1800 by William Nelson, Paterson, N.J.  The Press Printing and Publishing Co., 269 Main Street, 1900.  Contributed to Jones Journeys by William A. Graves, pp. 16 - 20, Vol. IV, 1976.

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