Saturday, August 30, 2014

New York 1684

The Dutch and English both had their eyes on this "Long Island" facing the great pond.  The Dutch claiming ownership on the west side, while the English claimed ownership on the east end.  Trading with the Indians, it would not take long before difficulties arose.  For almost the next 50 years, back and forth it would go...some times the Dutch on top...and sometimes the English.

  It was 1683 before the first Colonial Legislature assembled in New York.  A year later, their first treaty with the Mohawk, Ongida, Onondaga, and Cayuga took place.  It was near this time period that the first JONES appears.  His story is told in much detail in the book:

It was around 1695 with this Thomas Jones came upon the scene.  A Sarah Jones and Daniel Honan were married 6 Oct. 1694. [Unclear relationship.]  A large JONES family was the result in the colony of New York.

Any descendants our there?  Please post.

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