Saturday, October 18, 2014

North Carolina 1693

This colony began under the jurisdiction of the Virginia Company.  Early settlements were made by pioneers from other colonies.  It came under an association of proprietors in 1665 by a royal grant covering all the Carolina region.

The first with the surname JONES was "Mr. Charles Jones" who proved an oath regarding the will of Mr. George Durants 1693.  This is recorded in the State Records of NC (Vol. I, 1662 - 1713) p. 393.  These were the records of the Perquimans Precinct Court.

I have done a great deal of research into the State Records of North Carolina for the surname JONES.  This research can be found in a series of my "Research Notebooks" (RN) beginning with RN # 110, through RN # 117.  The content of this research can be found at "The Jones Genealogist Research Notebooks" which is a blog site.  Please explore.  Any JONES families from North Carolina?


  1. I am so happy I found you on Twitter. I am researching for a Ralph Jones who has had his DNA done on, but no one has the documentation of his relatives in the early records for a Philip Jones born in 1798 in Stokes County, N.C. I am not able to find his parents or the immigrant. Ralph's DNA shows the UK mainly.

  2. Hello Carol, have you checked "An Abstract of North Carolina Wills" by Fred A Olds ?