Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Georgia 1732

In 1732, George II granted to a board of trustees Georgia.  Savannah was founded one year later.

In the earliest days, Noble Jones, age 32, embarked "6 Nov 1732" and arrived in Savannah "1 Feb 1732-3".  He was listed as "carpenter", and he obtained "lot 41 in Savannah".  He was employed to survey the peoples lots, but apparently removed from this activity "for negligence".  In Jones Journeys, Vol. 19, p. 1962 it is recorded that he took possession of lot 41 during December 1733.  He is reported to have moved to a "new plantation" about 10 miles from Savannah on 21 Oct. 1738.  Are there any relatives out there?

There is also a Cornelius Jones listed as "apprentice to Sam'l Grey also embarking Nov. 1732.  He arrived the same date as Noble Jones listed above.  No relationship is given, but they may certainly be related.  Anyone have any information, please post.

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