Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Missouri 1821

Moving westward across the Mississippi River followed the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.  It was an ongoing process into what was considered  first the Louisiana Territory.  What was to become Missouri was identified as "The Missouri Territory".  Here, certificates for land with "titles" and "claims" were being settled by 1809.

Commissioner's certificates were issued to a Thomas Jones dated January 1809.  It is given as Merrimac waters, St. Louis District. [Cert. #136]  The reference is found in "Missouri Pioneers", Vol. I, by Mrs. Howard Woodruff and Miss Nadine Hodges 1824.  This reference is found in Jones Journeys, Vol. VIII, 1980, p. 369.  It is interesting that the folks in Missouri were writing books about their "Pioneers" just a few years after their state was formed.  Wow....what a deal for the genealogist!

Any Missouri Jones out there?

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