Sunday, October 4, 2015

Texas 1845

The Mexican municipality it was called prior to 1836.  It is recorded that Eli Jones came to Texas in the fall of 1836, settling in Montgomery county.  Montgomery Co. is said to be created 1837 from Washington Co., that was formed from the Mexican municipality in 1836/37.  At any rate, Eli was a member of the "minute company" which was involved in early Texas military activity. [Remember the Alamo 1836!]

Marriage records show that a Sarah Jones m. Albert Gallatin 23 Oct. 1837 [Washington Co.], and that a Allen Jones m. Morias Stone 3 Jul. 1838 [Montgomery Co.]  Many other Jones marriages appear between 1838 - 1842.  All these are before Texas becomes a state in 1845.  Any JONES families related out there?  Bet there are lots of stories here.


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