Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Colorado 1876

The Hillside Cemetery, Silverton, San Juan County seems to be one of the earliest burial places for those with the surname JONES.  An account in The Jones Journeys [Vol.18, No. 3, 1833 - 1835] gives the story.  States this area was first settled in 1874.  The major activity was mining, and many of the early folks were involved in this activity.    It is recorded on p. 1835 [The Jones Journeys] that a Louisa Jones [Mrs. W.W. Jones] died 31 August 1892.  A tall stone with a fenced enclosure  surrounds a marker inscription written in Welsh.  A Henry Jones died 13 July 1897, at 46 years of age.  He is recorded as being born at Brithdir, North Wales, and the inscription of his marker was in Welsh.  It would seem that a fair number of Welsh mining folks made their way to Colorado.

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