Wednesday, October 5, 2016

North Dakota 1889

Dakota Territory it was until 1889. [Also considered part of Louisiana and Minnesota Territories.]  The Dakota word means "Allied", and those who arrived here would certainly need to work together to get through their winters.

An 1870 Census record of this Dakota Territory shows a few folks with the surname JONES. [Thirteen head of households to be exact.]  Four were listed as "soldier" [31%], five were listed as "farmer" [38%], two were listed as "carpenter" [15%], and one was named "laborer".  The females in the households were given as "housewf."   The birthplaces of these folks were from Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Canada, Georgia, Missouri, Maryland, England, and of course Wales.  It would seem that an Alexander Jones and his wife Jane had a child name Carry who's age was listed as "4".  It gives her as being born in "Dakota", which would have placed these folks here 1866.  A carpenter old Alexander was listed, and this activity would certainly have been important.  Brave folks indeed they were.

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