Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Barbados 1628

The "Triangular Trade" routes of the early colonial period included Barbados.  London merchants had their fingers in just about every pie [competition with Dutch West India Company], and in 1628 sent a ship to begin the settlement on this island.  On July 5th, 1628 the "master" of the ship Marygold arrived Carlisle Bay.  This "master" was John Jones!  Of course it would have to be a "John". 

The following is a reference which is very helpful for those with Barbados connections.

Anyone out there with interest in the JONES surname and Barbados please comment.

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A post on this topic can be found , January 6, 2012.


  1. I am looking for any information or connections to my Jones family in Barbados. John Wooding Jones (late 1700s), Thomas Henry Jones (around 1816), John Francis Jones (around 1837), and John Christopher Jones (1858). Other family names married to Jones men are: Browne, Leslie/Seale, and Owens. St. Michael's Parish, but may also have been in other Parishes. Thanks!

  2. Hello Tamara...Barbados has such a long history for the JONES surname. [started 1628!] The book listed above has many of the surnames you have given [Wooding, Browne, Owens, and Seale... a good place to start.] Using an "index analysis" might be helpful as described in blog under post of March 8, 2012. [ Titled: "Using An Index For Genealogical Analysis". The Barbados book is difficult to use and any short cuts will help. Any other folks with Barbados connections out there?