Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Zealand

Cook had his job cut out for him in 1770 when charted all of New Zealand.  "Terra Australis" was the goal, and those folks from the Royal Society had much to learn.  In the same manner, I have much to learn about the JONES surname in this part of the world! 

The younger brother of my Grandfather Jones had family members that left old Kentucky for this New Zealand.  I do not know if they were successful here, but are there any JONES families in the Islands that have their roots in old KY?  I would suspect that there are some with the surname.

It was more than eight years ago that the Public Radio Station in New Zealand called me and discussed my work as a genealogist on the surname JONES.   This gave me some sense that there must be an interest in this surname, but have not had any further contact.  Anyone out there with an interest in New Zealand and the JONES surname?  Let's network y'all...:-).

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