Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tennessee 1779

Late in October 1779,  James Robertson led a party of men to establish a settlement along the Cumberland River in what is now the Nashville area.  He reached a bluff where Nashville now stands on Christmas Day, 1779.  He brought with him approximately 200 males over a land route which covered about 500 miles.  One gentleman among this group was Jacob Jones, from North Carolina.  He had received land from NC for his service in the Revolutionary War.  The wives, children, and goods of those who had taken the land route were to follow using a water route, under the command of John Donelson and John Blackemore.  An amazing story unfolds as recounted by a diary kept by John Donelson.  This story can be found in Early History of Middle Tennessee , by Edward Albright.

Jacob Jones and his family, a story to remember.  The first JONES to Tennessee and what was to become Nashville is his story.

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