Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ohio 1787

Ohio was formed as a state in 1803.  It has become known as "Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers".  But in 1787, one of the first surveys is to be found in Adams County [Deed Books 1, 2, 3, 1797- 1803, p.28] is recorded:

"For military service for 3 years service in the Virginia Line and by Act of Congress 10 Aug 1790: 9 June 1793 - grant to Noble Grimes, assignee of Churchill Jones.  100 acres surved 17 Nov 1787 on Military warrant #2311." [Jones Journeys, Vol. 19, 1991-1992, p.1930]

Most likely, Churchill Jones never arrived in Ohio, but a Jones had something to do with one of the earliest surveys.

Samuel G. Jones, born in Maryland, and came to Ohio from Kentucky in 1802 may be the first Jones to officially arrive.  He was born 1778 and died at age 63 years.  He is found in Scioto County, from "Portsmouth Pioneer Families". [Jones Journeys, Vol. 12, 1984-1985, p. 916.]

Does anyone know more about the first Jones to Ohio?

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