Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kansas 1861

The Civil War had started and folks were certainly occupied.  Only two states were admitted during this war period [Kansas 1861 and Nevada 1864], but the westward rush of pioneers continued.  Of course those with the JONES surname were there.  In Franklin township one of the first districts to be established in Jackson County [originally Calhoun County] was called "Brick schoolhouse district".  At "Brick Cemetery" [Holton, KS] is buried Harlan C. Jones, b. 6 Mar. 1814; d. 12 Apr 1870.  The wife of Harlan C. is also buried, and a daughter Narcissa [b. 1846] rest here as well.  This would place Harlan in the Kansas area around 1845.  It must have been an interesting place to settle. 

                      [wife was Ruth Hannah (Zell) Jones, b. 3 Mar 1816; d. 19 Apr 1893]

Reference: Jones Journeys, Vol. 13,  p. 1086.

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