Saturday, March 26, 2016

West Virginia 1863

Strong opposition to secession lead a group of folks in the western parts of Virginia to withdraw from this state.  These folks were so opposed to separating from the Union, they joined together forming a new state called "West" Virginia.  Prior to 1863, this geographic area had been part of  Virginia, and the first folks to settle there were in counties of Virginia.  Hampshire Co. seems to be the first form in 1754, officially out of Augusta which was formed 1745.

The first Jones listed in this county was on 9 December 1757.  Gabriel Jones, whose wife was listed as Margaret of the city of Augusta leased lot #52 containing 200 acres upon Wappeomo or Great South Branch of Potomac to a George Hoge of the city of Hampshire.  This was recorded in Hampshire records 13 Dec 1757.  "Ja. Keith" and "H. Churchill" were given as witness. 

Reference is taken from Jones Journeys, Vol 8, p.333.  It is recorded as being taken from Early Records of Hampshire County, Va, by Clara McCormack Sage & Laura Sage Jones, 1976.  [There would have to be a Jones in the mix.]

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