Saturday, March 15, 2014

Resources (r.)

The next theme deals with a wide range of items.  Resources I call it, but conceptually contains those things that have proven helpful in your tree climbing experience.  It may be a book, a library, an archives, a museum, a court house, or even another individual.   The post will be coded (r.).

For example, the main library at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa was a store house of references that made a lot of my tree climbing much easier.  It contains a complete set of the Domesday Book (English translation of course), an index of English records, complete sets of various genealogical references, and...on and on it goes.  There was also a rare book room with all sorts of texts that were helpful to the genealogist.   Many hours were spent among the stacks when my tree climbing had taken me to the shores of that big island call England.  Of course you physically have to go there, but in today's world this is not often considered.  Anyway, this library is a wonder resource for those who need help establishing certain connections and willing to make the trip.

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