Friday, March 14, 2014

Individual Researchers (i.)

By now you have to be thinking...what is all this stuff.  Well...again, the purpose of this blog [and multiple posts] is to try and provide a platform on which those who share an interest in the JONES surname can network.

This post list the next theme....individual researchers.  It is coded (i.).   This theme will seek to connect those who wish to list or identify themselves as researchers (genealogist) on a particular topic or family group.  There are many, many, many, JONES families that are not genetically related.  Thus, many family groups may be aided by folks who have researched a particular JONES family line.  This could be from around the globe, with the JONES surname being found in most English speaking parts of the world.

For example, my name is "The Jones Genealogist".  I have an interest in just about everything pertaining to the surname JONES.  Doing genealogy for 54 years, I have a lot of bumps and bruises from climbing around those JONES family trees.  I want to be identified as an "individual researcher" who can be contacted for help for a variety of themes. [all those listed in this blog]  I would list my interest in the comment section of the post, and hope that others will identify themselves along the way.  If a person identifies themselves, the post will be coded (i.), so the reader may search to blog for those who wish to help.  So here goes...any individual researchers out there?

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