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It would only seem proper to begin this networking thing with the subject of Wales.  The JONES surname has its origin and roots in this geographic (g.) area of the world.  Wales is roughly 150 miles north to south, and around 90 miles east to west.  It is surrounded by water on three sides, and by two rivers on the eastern border. [The Dee out of the north, and the Severn out of the south.]  There is a narrow land bridge between the two rivers, which forms a funnel into this mountainous part of western Albion.  It is this land bridge which locates the beginning of my own JONES family tree.

Over the years, I have come to organize its chronology (ch.) in roughly  200 year periods.  It goes as follows:
                 400-600 AD = the Land [Annales Cambriae begins the history 447AD]
                         This is the period after Roman withdrawal with the folks left to claim and organize the
                          land.  The battle of Badon hill ca. 516 - 517 AD.

                  600-800 AD = the Language [identity of culture based upon a shared language]
                          This is the period of Welsh language.
                  800-1000 AD = the Laws [social organization and agreed behaviors codified ]
                           This is the period of Welsh laws.  Hywel Dda, The Law.

                  1000 - 1200 AD = the Living [struggle among the clans and Norman invasion]
                           This is the period of internal struggle and external attack.

                  1200 - 1400 AD = their Liberty [struggle with the Marches and independence ]
                            This is the period of independence and rebellion. Owen Glyndwr's rebellion 
                             overlapped 1400 - 1411 AD.

                  1400 - 1600 AD = their Livelihood  [economic survival and trade]
                             This is the period of economic expansion and new developments.

Certainly an over simplification, but helps my brain organize the chronology. [My little "Ls".]
Any other folks out there who have suggestions or comments, please post.  My blog on Welsh genealogy can be found at .  Those who have a special interest in Wales and its history please identify yourself in the comment section below.

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