Monday, March 10, 2014

Geography (g.)

Since the dawn of man, the earth's surface has help define who we are, and from where we came.  The study that deals with the earth and its life, especially the description of land, sea, air, and the distribution of plant and animal life upon this surface is called geography.  For the genealogist, our ancestors lived, loved, and labored in specific areas around the globe.  The geographic features of these areas were often included in surveys, land grants, patents, maps, and all kinds of historical records that become important in this thing called genealogy.   An understanding our ancestor's geography can be the solution to many of the brick walls that we face.  Therefore, the first "theme" of the network will be geography.  It will be the context in which our families' survived.  It may be a county, or country, or nation, or any other location that helps identify the lineage of our family trees.  Future post that contain this theme will be coded (g.) in the labels given.  Then, as the number of topics and subjects expand, the reader can search for the theme "geography" by placing (g.) in the search line shown on the post page.  Let's give an example:

     For those who carry the surname JONES, the genealogy will at some point lead to Wales.  Those who have a interest in Welsh genealogy, Wales, and topics dealing with researching the JONES surname in Wales can find this topic under "Wales", and the post will be coded (g.).  If "Ireland", the post will be under "Ireland", and also coded (g.).  If "Australia", likewise, where the reader can just place "(g.)" in the search box and find all the post that have something to do with the theme "geography".  A network will be started...:-).

You can then place any comments that give your interest in this topic.  You may give additional information or reference which have been of help to you along your own tree climbing adventure.

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