Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DNA (d.)

The blueprint for our human existence is contained in this thing abbreviated DNA.   Deoxyribonucleic acid it is formally called.  It is that double helix, genetic coding, replicating, series of codons that give our cells instruction.  Half of our DNA is from mom, and half is from dad.  For the male, it is the same DNA that every former generation of males in the family tree have passed down to the next generation.

For the genealogist, this DNA can be an answer to some of the questions that give us problems in surname analysis.  It certainly has produced a lot of opportunities to clarify descent, such as haplogroups, and haplotypes.  [analysis which tags certain ethic groups ]

This theme will be coded (d.).  A great deal of groups which follow the Jones surname DNA exist.  In some cases, individual Jones families may share the same DNA.  However, on the whole, there is not a single DNA pattern that fits all family groups.  This theme will give those a way to network their interest in the JONES surname DNA.

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