Thursday, March 13, 2014

Key Variables (k.)

Family tree climbing will often present with a variety of factors that change the course of the family tree.  These factors are usually beyond the control of the individuals involved, but may be the reasons for the actions or reactions of the ancestors.  Recognizing or understanding these forces can make a difference in getting around many brick walls.   For example, the English Civil War played a major role in separating family groups into two main camps.  My JONES ancestors were clearly on one side, which helped me separate many of the family groups which presented themselves to my own tree climbing experience.  This I called a "key variable" in my JONES family, since it made my family searches a little easier.

This theme is titled "Key Variable(s) (k.)".  It may represent any factor/force that influence the family tree.  It is coded (k.).  There may be researchers that have a particular interest in one of these factors (variables) and is willing to share their knowledge.  Come, let us research together.

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